Cloud accounting
Cloud accounting

Why The Cloud Isn’t Just For Millennials And Hipsters

Listen, we get it. All these crazy new technology fads can feel a little, well, annoying. Can’t I just do things the way I’ve always done them? Why do I need to put everything on the cloud? Isn’t that how hackers found all those embarrassing celebrity photos? My way or the highway and that’s just fine with me, thankyouverymuch.

From music platforms to email storage and cellular data, the cloud is everywhere. It’s a seemingly limitless storage space for all types of data, and while there are a lot of benefits to using the cloud, it’s not always peachy keen.

Consider this though. 50 years ago, everyone was keeping their business books in a paper ledger. Over time, desktop accounting software and the use of networked servers did away with these paper records, but those shiny new tools had their downsides, too. People needed to be trained to use them. Software updates and unavailable customer service led to costly downtime. Manual processes required a lot of work to keep everything up to date.

Cloud accounting software is the next iteration

So many of the challenges with desktop accounting software are eased by switching to the cloud. Time-consuming tasks can be automated. Software updates are seamless. Collaborating with your accountant is easy and can happen in real time. The wide availability and easy integration of various programs allows you to select the services your business needs. Your data is available anywhere, even from your mobile device. Real-world disasters—such as storms, break-ins, or fires—can’t touch your accounting data. Multiple layers of encryption keep your data safe from hackers and anybody else who shouldn’t have access.

Do you plan on keeping your business open for the next few years? If so, you (hopefully) have a forward-thinking plan for your products and services. Why not take the same approach to your accounting? Don’t let out-of-date accounting systems and practices hold you back from growing your business.

You don’t have to participate in social media, stream music, or talk on a phone that’s not tethered to the wall. Some technology advances, however, are just too big to ignore. Can your business really afford to use out-of-date accounting practices?

Don’t migrate to the cloud alone

Our real-life, U.S.-based advisors are here to help you through every step of the process. We’ll recommend the right mix of tools and applications, as well as help you identify what pieces of your accounting can be automated for efficiency and accuracy. We recognize that technology can be overwhelming and you may not even know where to start. Once we get you up and running, you’ll learn what so many of our customers have found—cloud accounting is actually much more user friendly than desktop accounting software. You don’t have to install files, deal with versions, remember to back up data, or wait around for patches and upgrades. You simply log in and get started.

Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation. We’ll get you started on your journey to the cloud, and don’t worry—we won’t make any millennial references.

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