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Specialty Areas in Tax and Financial Planning

Are you looking for a specific expertise in tax, accounting, or financial planning? Our firm includes a wide range of proficiencies, with particular concentrations in the following areas. Read below to learn more.

Family Office Services

Whether you’re exploring the idea of a family office, seeking oversight of your Florida-based business assets, or have other wealth management needs, we are here to help your investments flourish.

Vacation Rental Tax Planning

If you own a vacation rental property, there are a number of tax implications to understand. Reduce (or even eliminate) surprises at tax time with proactive tax planning.

Non-Profit Tax and Accounting

Tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations have unique accounting needs. Our not-for-profit clients receive mission-focused support from our dedicated team.

Tax Preparation for Medical Professionals

Medical professionals have distinct needs for tax preparation and financial services. Work with a knowledgeable tax professional to ensure you take the right deductions.

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