Building A Community Of Accountants
Building A Community Of Accountants

Building A Community Of Accountants

Having a professional community of accountants who are supportive and helpful is one of the really special benefits available to Xero advisors. Xero has gone to great lengths to build up the accounting community and encourage us to support each other—not just online, but in person too. We’d like to spread the love around by sharing some of the best resources we rely on.

Xero Hour for Local Meetups

Xero gets us out out from behind our desks by sponsoring Xero Hour events around the U.S., and our Northeast Florida group met last week at Topgolf Jacksonville for some healthy competition and community building. Our group’s new favorite Xero feature: auto-pay with Stripe that allows for collecting recurring payments through Xero with a credit or debit card—this is a huge time saver and an example of automation at its best. Special thanks to Cloud Accounting Guru Stephanie Holt for corralling us together for a great event.

If you’re a Xero advisor who hasn’t checked out Xero Hour, I strongly encourage you to check out your local meetup.

Get your U.S. Xerocon fix in the fall with the Xero Roadshow

The learning, networking, and product expertise that comes from Xerocon gets squeezed into a truck and taken on the road this fall with the Xero Roadshow. They’re stopping in lots of cities across the country to share vision and strategy, product expertise, and marketing wisdom for small practices. Check out the cities and dates.

Accounting Salon by Elefant Training

Elefant, led by the amazing Amanda Aguillard, provides education for tech-savvy accountants and bookkeepers. They run an exclusive annual event in which they invite the top accounting leaders to gather together for good food, strong drinks, and unparalleled conversation. I had a fantastic experience at my first meeting this year in New Orleans and am already looking forward to next year’s event.

Online resources for accountants

As much as I love in-person events for their energy and inspiration, keeping up with the right online resources is just as important for everyday professional development. Here are some recommended resources you shouldn’t miss:

  • Cloud Accounting Podcast
    Blake Oliver and David Leary host a weekly discussion at the intersection of accounting and technology, including interviews and demos with industry leaders. This is my #1 recommendation for accounting professionals and the way I stay up to date on the industry.
  • AccountingToday
    Offering online business news for the accounting community, we subscribe to AccountingToday to keep us up to date on everything from practice management to tech to taxes.
  • AICPA Insights
    As technology continues to evolve and develop, so do the regulations and requirements for accountants. AICPA’s blog is an excellent resource for anyone running an accounting practice.
  • CPA Technology Blog
    Another resource for keeping up with accounting tech, the CPA Tech Report is an email newsletter that includes the latest trends in accounting and financial tech.


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