Five ways entrepreneurs can reclaim their time

Have you ever sat back to realize you just spent an absurd amount of time performing a mundane task, responding to emails, or sitting in yet another meeting that could have been an email? Increasing productivity as a business owner gives you the time to do what it takes to make the business a success. Productivity means more than just being efficient at what you do—it requires making decisions that free up time and incorporating procedures and technologies that make the whole team more efficient. Below are some of our top productivity tips for entrepreneurs. 

Make a delegation list

We all have to-do lists in both our personal and professional lives. A delegation list moves tasks off of your plate and onto the list of someone else. Start by making a list of everything that needs to be completed, and then determine what can be delegated out to others. Just because you can do everything as a business owner doesn’t mean that you should. As your business grows, delegating tasks will save you valuable time. 

Day-to-day operations are classic examples of tasks that can be delegated to team members. They can be very time-consuming, and while they’re essential to maintaining the business, they generally aren’t the type of work that leads to growth. In most cases, these are tasks that are routine and teachable. Consider ways you can devote your time to strategic tasks by delegating operational work.  

Outsource to the experts

While some tasks can be delegated to your team members, others may need to be outsourced to an expert in a particular field. Frequently, businesses will outsource work that is essential to running the business, but not the core business function. Outsourcing financial work can be one of the most beneficial moves you can make as a business owner. Not only do you free up time, but you also gain expert advice by bringing a finance pro into your books. Not sure if you’re in need of an outsourced financial expert? Here are a few signs you have outgrown your accounting process.

IT, marketing, and sales can be other opportunities for outsourcing. In the early stages, you may not have the budget to hire a full-time IT or marketing expert and stand to benefit from the expertise and efficiency of an industry expert. Focus on your expertise and outsource the fital functions that cause you frustration or require additional education.

Improve communication among your team

Communication is more important than ever in a time where remote work is necessary. Team members should be able to easily communicate with others and have open lines of communication. Apps like Slack, Asana, and Trello offer great efficiencies for employee communication. Slack is one of our top picks for direct messaging team members, with the ability to organize chats by projects, teams and departments. Asana and Trello work great for managing projects, deliverables, and deadlines. 

Hire an assistant

Time is money, and as a busy business owner, it is crucial to spend your time on critical tasks. Hiring an assistant can free up valuable time and mental space, allowing you to focus on the most important jobs. Find an assistant who understands your needs and business, but don’t feel limited by geographical location. Virtual assistants (VAs) can work with you remotely. Some tasks that VAs can help with are:

  • Scheduling and calendar management
  • Data entry 
  • Research 
  • Email management
  • Project-based tasks

Virtual assistants give you all of the benefits of a traditional assistant while eliminating geographical restrictions that may have hampered your recruiting efforts in the past. You can bring on a VA full time, part time, or on an as-needed basis. 

Invest in technology that will automate processes

Nothing will increase your productivity more than investing in the right technology. Every area of your business can benefit from technology, from accounting and payroll to inventory management and sales. Using cloud-based apps eliminates the need for manual data entry and processes that consume countless hours. Automation also serves to reduce human error that can lead to costly mistakes. 

Check out some of the apps we love, and contact us for assistance in finding the right app for your unique needs.

One thing money can’t buy is extra hours in the day, but you can find ways to do more with the hours that you have increasing productivity. Outsourcing mundane tasks, automating processes, and improving communication can free up time in your day, allowing you to focus on what makes you an entrepreneur and a successful business owner. If you’re ready to outsource your bookkeeping or want to discuss the best time-saving cloud-based accounting apps for your business, send us a message!

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