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27 essential internal financial controls for small businesses
Owning a small business comes with myriad challenges. Don’t let fraud become one of them. It’s a common misconception that fraud can only happen to big corporations. But, according to an Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) report, small businesses (those with fewer than 100 employees) are hit by fraud more frequently than large organizations […]
Top 5 restaurant accounting challenges and solutions
Operating a restaurant is challenging, with the industry reporting one of the highest failure rates. Even in the best of times, restaurants experience high turnover rates, notoriously low margins, and strict operational regulations. Over the past few years, restaurant failure rates shot up due to the pandemic, and restaurantaurs continue to face challenges even with […]
Business Accounting 101: Examples of assets and expenses 
Although the terms ‘expenses’ and ‘assets’ are often used interchangeably in everyday language, they have different meanings and implications in accounting. From a tax and accounting perspective, the terms asset and expense both refer to anything your company purchases in order to do business. However, the similarities end there. Assets and expenses are accounted for […]
Five bookkeeping rules for small business owners
Bookkeeping can be a love-hate word. For us, it’s a love, but for many small business owners, it’s the latter. Keeping up with the books is a necessary component of running any business, but the task can become overwhelming for a small business owner due to time constraints or lack of knowledge. Proper bookkeeping and […]
What a bookkeeper can do for you and your business
Entrepreneurship can be one of the most exciting and rewarding endeavors, but that’s not to say it doesn’t come with struggles. Business ownership comes with many ups and downs, learning curves, and balancing acts. From nailing down the services you offer or developing an innovative product, to marketing, sales, finances, and bookkeeping, there are many […]
The critical role of digital transformation
The vital role of digital transformation in businesses became very clear over the past two years. Those without a robustly digital back-office felt the wrath of pandemic-related disruption, sadly forcing many to close their doors. Propelled by the pandemic, digital transformation is a top priority of small business owners and executives aiming to future-proof their […]
Accounting best practices that all businesses should adhere to
A business’s success relies on its product or service excellence; the ability to stand above the competition; and most importantly, finances. This is especially true for small to mid-sized businesses as they operate on a tighter budget and lower margins while they grow. As a business owner, it is vital to know the ins and […]
Benefits of cloud accounting for start-ups and new businesses
For a new business owner or start-up introducing a new product, service, or concept, it’s vital to be equipped with tools that can support you and your business. From inception, finances are a key component to ensuring your business succeeds with accounting at the forefront. Cloud-based accounting apps are the key to getting your start-up […]
Automated accounting processes could relieve your business’s biggest challenges
Having outdated or nonexistent accounting processes can really take a toll on a business, eating up valuable time and exposing the business to risks. As a cloud accounting firm, we see business owners regularly experience a common set of pain points. Cloud-based accounting apps provide business owners with solutions to their biggest accounting struggles while […]
Are gifts to clients and employees tax-deductible?
Many business owners like to show their appreciation by giving thoughtful gifts to valued clients and employees. It is a wonderful way to build relationships and show your team just how much you appreciate all that they do. Whether it’s a way to say thank you or happy holidays, there are important considerations to be […]
Outsourced accounting for real estate investors
A real estate portfolio can be a wonderful way to grow your investments and provide a business opportunity for future generations. Whether it be commercial or residential real estate, it is important to keep detailed books for each property. As your portfolio grows, bookkeeping can become time-consuming and overwhelming, leaving you at risk of missing […]
A paperless back office benefits the environment and the business
Going green is about even more than the environment—migrating to a paperless back office has many benefits that will move your business in the right direction and increase your bottom line. If you’ve considered digitizing your back-office but aren’t sure how it would benefit your business, read on to learn how other companies with paperless […]
How to track rental property tax deductions
If you’re in the business of short-term rentals, you won’t want to miss out on the many tax deductions available to help offset your rental income. But in order to take advantage of the money-saving deductions, it is crucial to keep a detailed record of all transactions. No matter how big or small, every expense […]
Four concerns owners face during rapid business growth
Most business owners dream of experiencing exponential growth, whether it be through a product going viral, an unexpected celebrity endorsement, or an offering that is suddenly in high demand (think plexiglass during COVID). While growth is exciting, it can also be a challenging time to navigate. As you see those orders rolling in, don’t lose […]
Fixing the most common business accounting problems
What if we told you that the majority of your accounting problems could be solved with one simple answer? Adopting cloud-based accounting apps and processes can be the solution to many of your biggest pain points. Done right, the solution goes far beyond accounting, positively impacting many aspects of your business. But that’s the key—you […]
How to support employee adoption of new tech
Have you ever invested in new technology just for it to fall flat? Organizations today are increasingly migrating their business to the cloud, but too often poor technology adoption rates result in an unfavorable ROI. Or, stated plainly, leadership excitedly rolls out a new platform, but no one ends up using it. Before you ditch […]
How can an outsourced CFO support a new business?
An outsourced CFO provides the financial expertise of an experienced CFO, without the financial commitment of hiring a full-time employee. Outsourced CFOs can be leveraged through a variety of agreements, including part-time, interim, or long-term basis. Seeking the guidance of an experienced CFO from day one can help to set your business up for long-term […]
Be successful with ecommerce for small business
Ecommerce businesses have been on the rise ever since their inception, and the pandemic offered online sellers an added boost. Small businesses have just begun to scratch the surface of possibilities open to them with ecommerce. With the world’s goods and services at our fingertips, just one click away, online purchases continue to soar. Some […]
4 Essential Apps for Ecommerce and Online Sellers
With the holiday shopping season quickly approaching, ensuring your ecommerce business is prepared for the rush is top priority. Although we are slowly returning to pre-pandemic shopping norms, there is no doubt that vast numbers of consumers will be shopping online this year. There is pent-up demand, savings are high, and the stock market is […]
How to move your LLC to a new state
If your LLC adopted cloud-based solutions in an effort to digitize the business over the course of the past year or two, a change in scenery might be easier than you think. Moving an LLC to another state can be accomplished by simply filing a few forms. That said, there are a few potential pitfalls […]
How the right mix of financial services makes it easier to run your business
While your products or services are the backbone of your business, you’ll struggle to succeed without a solid financial understanding and processes. But that doesn’t mean you’re doomed if you didn’t go to school for accounting or pursue an MBA. You simply need to build out the right combination of business financial services. That means […]
Xero is a winner for medical accounting software
Running a medical practice can be demanding, pulling in every direction at once. From managing patient care and follow-ups to the back office and financial side of things, healthcare goes far beyond caring for the patients. We support medical practice managers in streamlining and automating their back-office processes, running everything through Xero as the central […]
Six Factors for Successful Mergers and Acquisitions
Mergers and acquisitions have many moving parts. As a business owner, you not only have the responsibility to look out for your company’s best interests, but also the employees, business goals, reputation, and financials. Below are our top six items to consider for successful mergers and acquisitions.  1. Ensure you have the right advisor(s) on […]
Accounting for Medical Practices: 5 areas you can’t afford to ignore
Are the books in your medical practice looking a bit under the weather? Keeping up with accounting can be a struggle for many clinics, particularly when it comes to a single practice with multiple locations. Adopting cloud-based accounting apps can get your books back on the road to recovery. Whether you’re just opening your doors […]
Five Tips for Digitizing Your Business
Digitizing your business serves to reduce risk, save valuable time, and enable you to meet your customers where they are while staying competitive in your niche. Digitization should be a top priority of any business owner, but like many changes that appear daunting, successful digitization projects often fall behind. Choosing the right software and properly […]
Running a Brewery on the Cloud
Once you’ve perfected your recipes, one of the best (and most commonly overlooked) projects you can take on to set up your craft brewery for success is to automate your accounting processes. Running a brewery with cloud accounting will enable you to focus on what you do best—keep customers coming back for more. Below are […]
Back-office requirements for a successful e-commerce business
E-commerce businesses have exploded in popularity, and the industry offers ample room for growth in nearly innumerable product lines. Getting your accounting processes set up properly from the beginning of an e-commerce business is vital for long-term success, and it’s a task to tackle even before you make your first sale. Consider the following to […]
Five ways entrepreneurs can reclaim their time
Have you ever sat back to realize you just spent an absurd amount of time performing a mundane task, responding to emails, or sitting in yet another meeting that could have been an email? Increasing productivity as a business owner gives you the time to do what it takes to make the business a success. […]
Non-Financial Metrics Every Business Owner Should Track
Business owners are constantly tracking financial metrics of key performance indicators (KPIs), financial statements, and bank statements. While these financial metrics are key to monitor on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis, non-financial metrics are just as important to track. Oftentimes these KPIs can be incredibly insightful to the financial team, CFO, investors, and […]
Does your business need a bookkeeper, CPA, or outsourced CFO?
In the early stages, new businesses have a lot of moving parts. Proper handling of the financials is crucial for every type of business; for some, keeping up with the day-to-day of bookkeeping, bill pay, payroll, and cash flow can be overwhelming, especially when business is expanding. But how do you know who to hire? […]
Accounting terms all business owners should know
As an entrepreneur, it’s essential to know the ins and outs of your business and to be the expert on your product or service. But when you break it all down, do you really understand the business side of things? If you don’t understand the basics of your reports and what the numbers are really […]
Four things to consider for flexible work
2020 threw a curveball to many small businesses and their employees, but it wasn’t all bad. Those businesses that rolled with the punches and were open to change saw some great opportunities once they were up and running for remote work. Many companies that had previously shied away from offering flexible work arrangements ended up […]
What information do you need when applying for a business loan?
As we enter the post-pandemic period, the financial world is experiencing pent-up demand from small businesses that are itching to expand. Banks and credit unions are seeing an increase from small business owners looking to take out loans for business expansion while interest rates are historically low. This is a great indicator of economic growth […]
Bookkeeping tips for Airbnb hosts
Renting your property as a short-term vacation home can be a great way to generate additional income, enabling you to own multiple homes or run a year-round business. Although platforms like Airbnb and VRBO have made the process of promoting your rental and collecting payment easier than it used to be, it’s important to remember […]
How to start a business: 5 steps to set you up for success
Once you’ve got a business idea and are energized to hit the ground running, there are some important early steps that you shouldn’t skip. Entrepreneurship is a mix of intelligence, tenacity, hard work, and dedication—and then there’s that need to know how to start a business. If you’re ready to take your passion and turn […]
How to keep your business on track with a mid-year budget checkup
We’re halfway through 2021! June is a great time to take a look at your company’s budget and forecast for the remainder of the year. Evaluating the budget and company goals now will make a big difference in your year-end close process. Here are a few things to consider when doing a budget checkup midway […]
Spring Cleaning for your Business Books
Spring cleaning isn’t just to remove the clutter and accumulated dust from your house. Have you ever considered that your books might benefit from decluttering and a bit of reorganization and review? The end of tax season is a great time to tackle a spring cleaning of your books, particularly if preparing your taxes led […]
How the right advisor can help you grow your business
Growth, whether it be personal or professional, holds a lot of exciting possibilities. It can also be intimidating and downright painful at times. The fear of the unknown, drastic changes that will have to take place, and the steps outside of your comfort zone to grow your business often hold people and businesses back from […]
Is tax season stressful? Start preparing now for next year
We may be wrapping up the 2020 tax season, but in the blink of an eye January will be here. Will you be left scrambling to get your books together again? Too many business owners wait until the last minute to prepare for tax season, which means they inevitably miss out on many strategic tax […]
Six Reasons We Love Xero Cloud Accounting
There’s no time like the present to be on the cloud—the Xero cloud, that is. With the shift to hybrid work environments, migrating to a cloud-based solution has become essential to making businesses run smoothly. Virtual collaborations ensure easy, secure data transfer, as well as the critical ability to run your business from anywhere. So […]
Build your Accounting Tech Stack
I don’t believe in data entry. Do you know how many other things you could accomplish if you and your team could take those hours devoted to data entry and apply them to the areas of your business that need a human touch? Automating data transfer can free up untold amounts of time, not only […]
How to Clean Up Your Books for Tax Season
It’s officially tax season, and that means many small business owners are struggling to clean up their books from 2020 in order to hand information over to their tax preparers. Many people dread this time of the year. We get a lot of calls from business owners who desperately need help getting books into shape, […]
10 Bookkeeping Mistakes Costing Small Business Owners
For small business owners, bookkeeping can be a struggle. Many aren’t in a position to add accounting staff, or they see bookkeeping as an area to cut costs by doing it themselves. Almost inevitably, whether it’s because the business grows or there’s just too much else to do, the books fall behind. These are the […]