Update: Quickbooks Online Payroll Update Messy for Some
Update: Quickbooks Online Payroll Update Messy for Some

Update: Quickbooks Online Payroll Update Messy for Some

Quickbooks Online has recently updated their Quickbooks online payroll module and moved the data to a new platform.  While this was intended to be a seamless process, some clients have experienced loss of data, changes to the way accounts are linked and payroll items behave, and in some cases have been required to resubmit e-filing forms and EFTPS information to Quickbooks Online.  This process can delay online processing by up to two business days.

When you log in to Quickbooks Online, on the left hand side is a link titled Payroll Things To Do, which should give you a list of things that need to be re-setup before processing your next payroll.  We also recommend reviewing your employee setup to ensure that no changes have occurred.  In at least one situation we have come across, the payroll liabilities module is showing an incorrect amount.

The updates to Quickbooks Online Payroll do not affect your EFTPS or online filing status with the IRS or your state, but you may need to resubmit your EFTPS authorization codes and paperwork to Quickbooks Online in order to continue to use those processes.  You may also need to doublecheck your online banking setup to make sure the transactions are still downloading properly.

If you run into any problems and would like assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We can have one of our Quickbooks Pro-Advisers log in remotely or come out to your office and assist you in getting your payroll life back to normal.

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