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Xero Named The Most-Loved Accounting Software For The 3Rd Year In A Row

Xero, the accounting software that allows ours clients to understand and grow their business every day, exists to empower small businesses.

This is why there’s no greater reward than to receive positive praise from small businesses owners and key decision makers themselves.

5 out of 5 overall satisfaction

In an annual survey conducted by Canstar Blue – which sets an independent and indisputable benchmark of quality for the most-loved accounting software – Xero scored top marks across six of the seven categories, including ‘overall satisfaction’, to earn 34 stars out of a possible 35.

It marks the third year in a row that Xero has won the Most Satisfied Customers Award for Small Business Accounting Software. An incredible achievement when you consider that only five percent of Canstar Blue winners have ever achieved the same award for three consecutive years.

“Over the last three years, a common theme has emerged from the research, with Xero rated higher than Intuit Quickbooks and MYOB across most categories, including overall customer satisfaction,” the report stated.

Accounting software is critical to business, research shows

More than this, the research also investigated the importance of accounting software to businesses today.

“In the world of business – especially small business – time is just as important a commodity as money,” the report reads. “That’s why having effective and easy to use accounting software is important in saving your business on both fronts. The best accounting software can help your business perform as efficiently as possible.”

Of the hundreds of small business owners and operators who took part in the survey, 81 percent said accounting software is critical to their business, and 87 percent said the software makes business operations easier. When it comes to scaling a business, 62 percent said their accounting software actively contributes to their business growth.

That, to me, is when you know you’re making a genuine difference to business owners and their advisors.

Putting power in the hands of small business

Whether you’re looking to save more time, avoid inaccuracies, access real-time data, expand your operations globally, or connect to a wider ecosystem of integrated add-on solutions, the opportunities for small businesses will only continue to increase as technological innovations deepen.

I can’t wait to share the shape of this future at our upcoming conference, Xerocon, where we’ll share our latest innovations in machine learning, artificial intelligence and product development.

But until then, I want to take this moment to thank you again for your feedback, your questions, your curiosity and your business – that beautiful business you work to build every day. That’s what drives us forward, and we’re proud to be on the journey with you.

Article reposted with permission from Xero.

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