online bookkeeping course
online bookkeeping course

5 Weeks to Better Bookkeeping: Free online bookkeeping course

Business year-end and the subsequent tax season can be tumultuous times for small business owners. If you haven’t kept up with your bookkeeping tasks throughout the year, you find yourself hit with a deluge of work trying to get caught up. We’ve seen many instances where these circumstances have snowballed, leaving the business with several years’ worth of incomplete accounting records.

One of the lessons of 2020 was to be prepared for rapid change, and that doesn’t just apply to stocking up on nonperishable goods and bottled water. Having up-to-date books is absolutely critical when it comes to applying for financing, forecasting cash flow, and monitoring business performance. The right bookkeeping apps and practices offer so much more than a once-a-year mad dash to get everything to your CPA in order to file your taxes. It’s also an area many small business owners try to tackle themselves, particularly when cash is tight.

As we witnessed the struggles of many small businesses here in Jacksonville struggle through the pandemic, we wanted to help in every way we could. We started to think about our area of expertise, and how a better understanding of bookkeeping technologies and practices could actually help small business owners. We decided to create our first-ever online course, 5 Weeks to Better Bookkeeping. The resulting online bookkeeping course includes a series of videos covering the basics of bookkeeping, as well as a variety of topics that are common struggles for small business owners. The result is a self-paced online course, delivered via email, and designed to help you whip your books into shape in just 5 weeks.

At this time, we’re offering our online bookkeeping course totally free to any small business owner who needs it. All you have to do is enroll, and you’ll start getting the emails with videos, cheat sheets, assignments, and personalized guidance right in your inbox. We cover:

  • Week 1: Accounting tech stack and security
  • Week 2: Bookkeeping basics
  • Week 3: Cleaning up your books
  • Week 4: Fixing common mistakes
  • Week 5: Making better business decisions

While the course is designed to take 5 weeks, we know that life and business can get in the way. Everything is self-paced, meaning you won’t fall behind or need to dedicate hours to getting back on track. Because we recommend Xero as the best cloud accounting platform on the market, we use real-life examples from Xero throughout the course. However, you don’t need to be a current Xero user in order to learn from 5 Weeks to Better Bookkeeping. It’s our goal to equip small businesses with the resources they need in order to succeed.

Are you ready to sign up? Click here to enroll now.

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