Cloud Accounting Specialists: Where Cloud Life Meets Real Life
Cloud Accounting Specialists: Where Cloud Life Meets Real Life

Cloud Accounting Specialists: Where Cloud Life Meets Real Life

Have you ever had the experience of struggling to connect with a real, live person in a tech company? Whether you’re lost in a maze of automated phone system recordings or can’t even find a phone number to call, it’s downright frustrating. That desire to not get lost in a sea of technobabble is one of the biggest reasons we hear from business owners who continue to use outdated accounting practices. It’s a very real concern.

And it’s holding you back.

Businesses that are growing in a competitive marketplace are taking every advantage they can get. You can’t afford not to have a real-time picture of your financials or bog down your cash flow with repetitive, manual processes.

You also can’t afford a clunky accounting software that’s painful to use.

That’s where we come in. We started out in 1978 as a CPA and financial advisory firm. The founding partners established a deep commitment to personal service as a core value, and that’s never changed in over 40+ years in business. With the rise of cloud-based accounting technologies, our partners knew how important it was to offer clients the latest technology—but they also didn’t want to turn into a yet another piece of software that requires extensive training to use properly.

GCT Technology & Accounting began as a way to offer clients the best of both worlds—modern accounting software and practices combined with an old-fashioned dedication to client service. That means that our clients always have a real, live human to call. There’s no clicking through a bunch of frequently asked questions or scrolling through forums trying to get answers.

We decided to partner with Xero as our software platform primarily because of their dedication to usability. Sure, Xero has lots of powerful accounting features, state-of-the-art security, and integrations with over 700 business apps to ensure you’re getting the functions you need to run your business. Those are all important pieces of the partnership. But Xero is also designed with the end-user experience in mind. It’s designed for accountants, bookkeepers, and business owners, and it shows.

The automation of countless tasks in business has introduced unfathomable change, and business owners reap the benefits of all sorts of efficiencies. However, there will always be tasks that require a human touch. The powerful combination of Xero’s accounting software and our real-life cloud accounting specialists offers the best of both worlds. Whether you’re a DIY-er when it comes to business bookkeeping, want a full-service outsourced accounting function, or fall somewhere in between, we have a service level to suit your needs. Let’s get started today.

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