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How Accounting Helps Grow Your Business

You might think we spill a lot of virtual ink waxing poetic about bookkeeping because we love accounting so much. Well, you aren’t wrong. We’re pretty serious numbers people here. You should be a fly on the wall at our office parties. But there’s another reason—our other passion is helping your business grow. Crunching numbers and analyzing data is only as satisfying as the results are useful.

Traditionally, bookkeeping provided a record of what you did in the past—money in, money out, taxes owed, deductions available, servicing debt, running payroll, etc. All that has changed with the rise of cloud accounting apps. Today, it’s incumbent upon you to have a real-time view of your business books. Accounting is a live, proactive practice instead of a historical, reactive one.

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Here’s an example from our client base. A home services firm had a complex, paper-based process for taking orders from their customers. Their reps were out in the field collecting details about jobs, and then they had to bring all of that paperwork back to the home office where it would be manually processed. At that point, the job could be put into the accounting system, and they sent the client an invoice. By moving to a cloud-based, virtual process, the firm was able to compress the time period from taking the order to generating the invoice. This meant that they started getting paid a lot faster. If that doesn’t sound like a big deal, consider applying that change across all of your customer accounts. By improving their cash flow, our client’s revenue grew by over 20% in the year they implemented cloud accounting.

Whoa! What would you do with 20% more revenue?

Simple changes that cut time and costs out of your business processes can yield major results.

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Better Bookkeeping for Small Businesses in 5 Weeks

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