Advantages of cloud-based accounting
Advantages of cloud-based accounting

How Hurricane Irma Proves your Business Needs to be on the Cloud

How Hurricane Irma Proves Your Business Needs To Be on The Cloud

Last month, Hurricane Irma set new flooding records in Florida and the Florida Keys. In Jacksonville, we saw our own share of apocalyptic conditions. Hurricane downfalls left over 5 feet of water in their wake, surpassing the previous 1960s record of 49 inches.
As an accounting business, we work with hundreds of small businesses in the area and are intimately familiar with how this disaster has affected them.
One of the greatest challenges businesses face post-hurricane is getting back online. Many of them, however, are struggling to shift through ruined paperwork and faulty data storage that was damaged during the storm.
While it may be too late for them, there is something you can do to avoid becoming the victim of the next Hurricane Irma: join the cloud. Below you will find some of the many advantages of cloud-based accounting.

Why Cloud-Based Accounting Software Is Best

If you’re not familiar, cloud-based accounting is independent of your hardware. That means all the customer information you have, including receipts, invoices, contact information etc., doesn’t suffer the negative effects of flooding. It exists online and is backed by powerful systems that prevent crashes.
Our team’s preferred accounting software is Xero, which is completely cloud-based with no need for desktops or backup systems at your physical office. Whether you’re a startup or existing business, cloud-based software is ideal.

Advantages of cloud-based accounting software include:

  • No downtime. Continue to run your business wherever you have an internet connection.
  • Maintain vital information without spending days, weeks or months trying to retain it from customers.
  • Never worry about another natural disaster wiping your business information from the face of the earth.
  • Store data information off-site and access it even if there’s an outage.
  • Save time and money with faster access to the information you need to run your business.

How Advisory Services Can Help You Start Using “The Cloud”

Modernizing your business isn’t easy. It requires in-depth knowledge of cloud-based tools and how to properly integrate them with your current business structure. Today’s work environment demands fast response times and accurate information. You simply cannot afford to fall behind.

For more information about cloud-based accounting software, and how we can help you join the modern workforce by using it, please reach out to our team. We understand how overwhelming it can be, but when the next disaster strikes you’ll be glad you’re prepared.

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