Dear Donald Rumsfeld
Dear Donald Rumsfeld

Dear Donald Rumsfeld

MarketWatch is reporting this morning that former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has sent his annual letter to the Internal Revenue Service stating that he does not know whether his return or the payments he made are in fact accurate.  I certainly understand where Mr. Rumsfeld is coming from.  I definitely agree with him that the tax code is far too complex.  However, I would also like to think that we could set his mind at ease.

At Financial Solution Advisors, PLLC, we offer a free Form 1040 review for prior tax years.  In many ways, our goals are the same as Mr. Rumsfeld’s.  We want you to pay as little as legally required in taxes.  We also want you to be able to understand your taxes, why you owe what you do, and how you can owe less in the future.

So I thought I would write my own “Dear Donald Rumsfeld” letter and offer the former secretary a free review of not only his 2013, but also his 2012 and 2011 Forms 1040.  If you feel confused about your prior year tax return and share Mr. Rumsfeld’s lack of confidence, then this offer extends to you as well.

According to, the Internal Revenue Code is 2,652 pages long.  When you add regulations and applicable case law, you are looking at over 70,000 pages.  Depending on the version, the Bible averages about 1,900 pages.  No rational person would say the tax code is simple or even acceptable in it’s current form.

However, we have confidence that our experienced team of CPAs and EAs can help you wade through the law and file accurately.  This includes you, Mr. Rumsfeld.  We would love the opportunity to sit down with you and review your prior year returns.  You can reach us at 904-296-2024.

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