e-commerce business
e-commerce business

Is your e-commerce business automated for growth?

With e-commerce, the world is literally at our fingertips. With the click of a button, individuals can purchase just about anything, from anywhere in the world. As an e-commerce business, it’s vital to be set up to accept purchases and fulfill orders efficiently. Xero is the key to the business back office running smoothly, giving business owners the time they need to move the business forward and globally. 

Real-time financial insights for e-commerce businesses

As an e-commerce business, it is vital to have financial insights into your business at all times. There are many moving parts which can quickly lead to a hectic back office and missed opportunities. Xero provides e-commerce business owners with real-time insights into their business from anywhere, at any time, with a customized dashboard. 

Business owners can pull financial reports and custom reports needed to make well-informed business decisions using real-time data and analytics. Quickly see how changes in sales or bills affect cash flow, eliminating the guesswork.

Integrate with Shopify 

Shopify has become one of the top cloud-based apps e-commerce businesses have adopted for many reasons. Shopify is a business platform designed to start, run, and grow an e-commerce business. Business owners can customize their websites to sell, ship, and process payments from anywhere. Shopify seamlessly integrates with Xero, connecting sales to the virtual back office. Your customers will experience a smooth buying process, while your internal processes will be simplified. 

Seamless integrations for e-commerce management

Xero has over 1,000 cloud-based integrations, giving business owners the tools they need to be successful. Integrations reduce the need for double entry, keep the business organized, and provide real-time insights into all areas of the business. Below are a few of our top Xero integrations for e-commerce businesses.

  • Square: securely take payments, both in-person and online, from any connected device
  • Dear: real-time inventory management, automated reminders, and alerts  
  • Expensify: automate expense reporting and ensure you aren’t missing out on money-saving tax deductions
  • Gusto: pay and manage your staff with automated payroll

These apps are our top picks for their features, ease of use, benefits, and smooth integration with Xero’s central hub. Your back office will be a well-connected network, with automations and processes designed to increase efficiency and business capacity. 

Accept sales across currencies

Whether you’ve just started your e-commerce business or are expanding, Xero eliminates the barriers of international sales. Xero allows e-commerce businesses to send invoices and accept payments from customers across the globe. The internet and internationally accepted shopping and accounting platforms ensure businesses can reach customers, regardless of where they are located. 

If your e-commerce business isn’t on the cloud, it might be just the tool you need to grow the business you’ve dreamed of. We have worked with many e-commerce businesses to implement Xero cloud accounting and integrated apps. Send us a message if you’re ready to increase your business capacity and migrate your back office to the cloud.

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