accounting app integrations
accounting app integrations

The power of accounting app integrations

Xero is a powerful cloud-based accounting app that provides a central hub for the business’s back office. On its own, Xero can be an incredibly helpful tool for running a business and keeping the finances organized, up-to-date, and accessible on the go. Paired with other industry and task-specific cloud-based apps, businesses find themselves increasing capabilities, saving valuable time, and gaining a deeper understanding of their finances. Xero seamlessly integrates with thousands of other apps, giving business owners all the tools they could need to succeed. That’s the power of accounting app integrations.

What are accounting app integrations?

Integrations are the connections between your central hub and all other applications that facilitate data and information sharing, eliminating the need for double data entry. Essentially all apps will be brought together to work in unison. Integrations are used in many ways and can be incredibly beneficial to businesses looking to streamline processes and increase productivity.

Why are accounting app integrations important?

In accounting, it’s common for businesses to integrate industry-specific apps into their main accounting system. For example, an online retailer may integrate their online sales platform, and inventory management app with a central accounting hub such as Xero. Their inventory management tool and sales platform can share data with each other, as well as Xero, to ensure all sales are accounted for and stock is replenished as needed.

Integrations can be incredibly valuable to small businesses that need to automate and complete a wide array of tasks. While it is important to have a central accounting hub, many businesses require additional processes. Rather than completing those processes in a separate system, then transferring the data manually, an integration can automate that step. By bringing all apps together to work in unison, the business’s data will be centralized, allowing for well-informed decision making. 

Integrations bring the business together as a whole, meeting the needs of every department, and relaying information from one department to the entire organization.

Our top picks for cloud-accounting integrations

Cloud-based accounting apps are far from a one-size-fits-all approach. Factors such as industry, size, goals, and needs can help to determine which apps could benefit your business. Essential accounting functions such as the following can be automated and integrated with Xero:

  • Expense reporting
  • Inventory management
  • Payroll
  • Bill pay
  • Point of sale
  • Online sales

If you’re unsure what processes your business could benefit from automating, send us a message. We would be happy to discuss your business, goals, processes, and pain points to see where you could save time and money while increasing productivity and capacity. 

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Don’t DIY adoption and accounting app integrations

Our number one tip when integrating cloud-based accounting apps is to save the DIY for another project. Far too often we see businesses attempting to save money by integrating the accounting apps themselves, just to see it all fall apart (or never connect in the first place). There are many working parts to integrations, and they must be set up correctly. If a crucial step is missed, the app will fail to work properly and data will not be relayed—defeating the purpose of integration. When in doubt, call an expert.
Whether you’re ready to take the first step into cloud accounting or adopt additional apps to increase capacity and streamline processes, send us a message. Our team of experienced cloud accountants can help to identify pain points and areas of opportunity that could be improved with the use of a cloud-based app or accounting integrations.

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